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LEADING UPVC WINDOWS AND DOORS MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER IN TAMIL NADU Nowadays, any building starts from a level ground. Whether you build an architecture or a hollow structure depends upon how creative and resourceful you are. Today, a sensible and responsible construction means being eco-friendly from begin to finish. Besides that, the law of the land permits those who support ecology and penalizes those who oppose it.

Huge construction and healthy construction need new-age materials and ideas like UPVC PVC Doors, UPVC Sliding Doors, UPVC Fixed Windows, UPVC Windows frame, UPVC Flexible Doors, UPVC Outward Opening Windows.. Good building materials make the building robust and long lasting. The arrival of several new never-say-never-die kind of construction supplies and products juxtapose one another and makes decision making difficult as to what to choose.

Such new latest arrivals on the block are UPVC for windows and doors. UPVC is a better lot than Wood because of several reasons. UPVC is a recyclable product and so eco-friendly. It does not need any maintenance as it is not affected by any climate change too. Innately durable, UPVC materials come in a wide range of pleasing and rioting colours and patterns.

We, Shine UPVC windows & doors manufacturer, based in Coimbatore, South India is home to sparkling and spectacular UPVC windows and doors. Coming in a variety of light and bright colours, shades and thickness, they just match your budgets, tastes and dreams. The strength of our doors and windows ensure they have a very long life.


Apart from matching the industry benchmarks in durability, quality and eco-friendliness, we offer our maintenance-free windows in international standards without blemish and flaws. Technically speaking too, Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) is much better than its wooden counterparts in quality and many parameters. With our 10 years experience and expertise in UPVC field, we can assure you that with our Shine brand windows you will be satisfied whole and full.

Shine is not about just windows and doors, they are arts that harmonize your hearts!