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Can you match my existing style of window?

Yes, we offer an extremely wide range of windows to complement every home such as our best-selling Shine UPVC windows.

Will my new windows reduce noise?

We have launched the glass option Safe & Sound, which can further reduce outside noises to make your house a more relaxing and quiet place to be. Each of your windows can be designed with different options to reflect their position to the outside world – for example if you have a noisy road outside the back of your house, you can pick Safe & Sound glass for just those windows.

How much will my windows cost?

Each one of our windows is custom built to the specifications of your home, as every home is unique, so is every price. To give you a price, one of our design specialists will visit your home to carry out a thorough inspection before we give you a tailored quote. All quotes are of course free and without any obligation.

Do I have to comply with Building Regulations?

For replacement windows we make sure you comply with Building Regulations through our affiliation. In any new extensions where our windows are fitted we will ensure that Building Regulations are complied with..

How long will the visit from the sales adviser take?

We usually advise you to allow at least an hour, but this will depend on your individual requirements. At an appointment we will measure up, discuss the styles and options that suit you and your needs, and then provide you with a quote tailored to your specifications.

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We, Shine UPVC windows & doors manufacturer, based in Coimbatore, South India is home to sparkling and spectacular UPVC windows and doors.

Eco Friendly

UPVC window and door frames are an Eco-friendly material. Manufacturing energy consumption for aluminium profiles is over 7 times of that for UPVC profiles. UPVC profiles can be recycled and re-used.


Such new latest arrivals on the block are UPVC for windows and doors. UPVC is a better lot than Wood because of several reasons. UPVC is a recyclable product and so eco-friendly. It does not need any maintenance as it is not affected by any climate change too.


Huge construction and healthy construction need new-age materials and ideas like UPVC PVC Doors, UPVC Sliding Doors, UPVC Fixed Windows, UPVC Windows frame, UPVC Flexible Doors, UPVC Outward Opening Windows.. Good building materials make the building robust and long lasting. The arrival of several new never-say-never-die kind of construction supplies and products juxtapose one another and makes decision making difficult as to what to choose.

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